1. Product type

        Cove skirtings

        External angle

        Floor/wall tiles

        Floor/wall tiles long side rounded

        Floor/wall tiles overglazed corner left

        Floor/wall tiles overglazed corner right

        Floor/wall tiles rounded corner

        Floor/wall tiles rounded corner right

        Floor/wall tiles rounded corner left

        Floor/wall tiles rounded edge

        Floor/wall tiles short side rounded

        Grid profile tile

        Internal corner for cove skirtings

        Nosing tile

        Safety strip tile

        Shower tub system – corner

        Shower tub system – strip

        Shower tub system – strip („half size“)


    1. Format | Nominal size

      6.2 x 25 cm

      7.9 x 25 cm

      12.5 x 12.5 cm

      12.5 x 25 cm

      12.5 x 50 cm

      20 x 7.9 cm

      20 x 10 cm

      25 x 6.2 cm

      25 x 7.9 cm

      25 x 12.5 cm

      25 x 25 cm

      25 x 50 cm

      30 x 7.9 cm

      Shaped piece

    2. Slip-resistant








The colour concept: mix and match

Stability in the pool: 6 mm joint

Specially developed for pool design, the Chroma Pool series features a 6 mm joint in order to comply with the particular loads prevailing in this area. This wider and more stable joint also permits comprehensive connections to special moulded pool parts such as large pool edge systems.


active azure
dark azure
medium azure
light azure
active blue
dark blue
medium blue
light blue
active turquoise
dark turquoise
medium turquoise
light turquoise
active green
medium green
light green
active yellow
dark yellow
medium yellow
dark ochre
medium ochre
light ochre
active salmon
dark salmon
medium salmon
light salmon
active oxide red
dark oxide red
medium oxide red
light oxide red
active sand grey
dark sand grey
medium sand grey
light sand grey
active stone grey
dark stone grey
medium stone grey
light stone grey
neutral 10 (active white glossy)
neutral 10 (active white matt)
neutral 10 ( white)
neutral 9 (white-grey)
neutral 8 (light-grey)
neutral 7 (pebble-grey)e
neutral 6 (pearl grey)
neutral 5 (basalt-grey)
neutral 4 (graphite-black)
neutral 3 (asphalt black)
neutral 2 (anthracite)
neutral 1 (deep black)
intense blue
contrasting red
neutral 1 (deep black)