For every scale and all dimensions

Visually, haptically, technologically: with its “Extended Version”, the Craft series reinvents itself for the current facade trends. Instead of oven-fired for many hours in a traditional tunnel kiln, the long strip tiles of the Craft Extended are fired in a modern roller kiln, which attributes them their distinctive properties. The result: profiled, individually-producible beauties of form in an extra-long finish of lasting quality. Eight trendy colors, complemented by three flamed shades, result in a color palette that is close to the family, but is shaped independently by the production technique. No wonder Craft Extended is the topic of innovative projects and designs.

    1. Product type

      Strip tile

      Strip tile v-pointed profile symetric

      Cover plate drip nose

  1. Format | Nominal size

    6.2 x 50 cm

    31 x 30 cm


chalk white
pearl grey
natural grey
deep black
cobalt blue
natural white
petrol blue flamed
red brown flamed
crimson red
reseda green
reed green flamed