Room for details

The tiles of the Lounge series create surfaces conveying a familiar impression in a selfevident way. The delicate relief of the basic tiles lends visual depth – soft color transitions in classic colors characterize the design. The Garden and Stone surface decors offer fascinating plays of color.

The colorful Garden decoration whisks us away to the exotic gardens of this world. Lush leaf motifs bring life into the room. And the total of nine motifs can be laid in any direction. Thus, they simply always create a harmonious overall picture and a relaxed feel-good atmosphere. It is not only the Hytect coating of these tiles which is relevant in bathrooms and damp rooms, but also the fact that they are slip-resistant right up to the mosaic for the shower area.

    1. Product type

      Floor/wall tiles



      Wall tile

      Decorative tile decor Garden

      Decorative tile decor Stone

  1. Format | Nominal size

    5 x 5 cm

    7 x 60 cm

    30 x 60 cm

    30 x 90 cm

    60 x 60 cm

    60 x 120 cm

    120 x 120 cm


grey white
light taupe
warm grey
dark taupe
dark anthacite
light sand
green mix
grey mix