All-rounder with a beach effect

The Finland system and its Finland II variant are distinguished by their great versatility: both are eminently suitable for sports and competition pools as well as adventure and outdoor pools. The sloped, beach-like pool edge reduces wave rebound and, in combination with the Silent 100 outlet valve, helps to reduce noise levels in indoor pool facilities.

Tried and tested for decades in a wide variety of pools, this pool edge system with a sloped pool edge avails of an integrated handhold and can even be used in radial areas. The higher water level facilitates bathers when exiting the pool. Various channel volumes are possible as required.


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System Solution

  1. UW-Silicone
  2. Closed-cell polyethylene foam round lace
  3. Elastic water-resistant filling material
  4. Joint band
  5. Slide bearing
  6. Plastic cover grating
  7. Capillary barrier / grouting (reaction resin filler)
  8. Waterproof concrete (according to DIN EN 206/DIN 1045/DAfStB WU Guideline
  9. Conventional thick-bed laying
  10. Thin-bed laying on cement render (P III, CS IV without added lime)
  11. Sealing layer
  12. Sealing tape
  13. “Silent W 2000” outlet valve
  14. “Silent 100” outlet valve
  15. Epoxi for joints, for the project sector
  16. Section stoneware pipe
  17. Casing for water inlet/outlet pipe and brazing collar