1. Product type

      Ceramic channel cover

      Ceramic channel cover external corner

      Ceramic channel cover internal corner

      Overflow channel

      Overflow channel (half-size)

      Overflow channel (half-size) with outlet Ø 86 mm

      Overflow channel – external corner

      Overflow channel – internal corner

      Overflow channel with outlet Ø 86 mm

      Terminal inlay for overflow channel links

      Terminal inlay for overflow channel right corner

  1. Format | Nominal size

    25 x 50 cm

    30 x 30 cm

    Shaped piece


System Solution

  1. UW-Silicone
  2. Closed-cell polyethylene foam round lace
  3. Elastic water-resistant filling material
  4. Joint band
  5. Slide bearing
  6. Plastic cover grating
  7. Capillary barrier / grouting (reaction resin filler)
  8. Waterproof concrete (according to DIN EN 206/DIN 1045/DAfStB WU Guideline
  9. Conventional thick-bed laying
  10. Thin-bed laying on cement render (P III, CS IV without added lime)
  11. Sealing layer
  12. Sealing tape
  13. “Silent W 2000” outlet valve
  14. “Silent 100” outlet valve
  15. Epoxi for joints, for the project sector
  16. Section stoneware pipe
  17. Casing for water inlet/outlet pipe and brazing collar

active azure
light azure
neutral 10 (active white glossy)
neutral 10 (active white matt)
neutral 1 (deep black)