The perfect all-rounder

Colours range from basalt grey through quartz grey, white grey and sand beige to sepia brown. Exact rectification and uniform edges facilitate laying in creative format combinations while permitting homogeneous areas featuring elegantly slim joints.

Offering non-slip safety in R10/A, R11/B and /C, Quarzit is suitable for a particularly broad range of applications. Floors and floor-level showers in private bathrooms, for example, can be attributed consistent designs. And the same applies for changing rooms and pool rims in public pool facilities. A grid profile tile is also available offering C-grade non-slip safety. Whether for living rooms or kitchens, walls, floors or commercial areas such as shops, restaurants, bakeries or hotels – Quarzit is convincing thanks to its unpretentious elegance. And minimum cleaning effort is ensured by the Hytect coating which also has an antibacterial effect and decomposes irritating odours.

    1. Product type

      Floor/wall tiles

      Grid profile tile



      Cove skirtings

      Stair tile with bevel

      Step rizer

      Patio tile

      Gutter tile

      Stair tile with grooving

      Stair tile with bevel

      Stair tile with bevel and grooving

      Step rizer

      Stair safety border with bevel

      Gutter tile with outlet 110/110 mm

      Gutter tile terminal piece

      Gutter tile corner

      Grooved tile

      Ceramic channel cover

      Ceramic channel cover external corner

      Ceramic channel cover internal corner

  1. Format | Nominal size

    5 x 5 cm

    6 x 50 cm

    6 x 60 cm

    10 x 60 cm

    12.5 x 12.5 cm

    12.5 x 25 cm

    15 x 15 cm

    25 x 25 cm

    25 x 50 cm

    30 x 30 cm

    30 x 60 cm

    31 x 135 cm

    50 x 25 cm

    60 x 60 cm

    trough depth 5 mm


  1. Slip-resistant